Twisted Hippo

Taproom and eatery interior

2018 — Under Construction

Architectural Design, Signage Design, Environmental Graphics, Construction Administration

The exterior signage and interior design radically transforms an existing taproom space, to reflect the identity of Twisted Hippo Brewing and to cultivate a community in their new home. By introducing a series of “little worlds” into an existing loud and cavernous interior, the design provokes zones of specificity and character. Bubbly wall and floor graphics articulate the 'Carbonated Cafe' up front; custom tables, planters, and an animated scrim position the 'Communal Core' in the middle; and a felt cloud canopy shelters an intimate banquette and performance platform in the rear. Embracing bold graphics, color, and texture, the design cultivates an character as unique as Twisted Hippo.

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